20 Carry-On Must Haves

Jacket (fits tts, wear M) // Tee (sized up to L) // Sweater (fits TTS, wearing M) // Leggings (sized up to a large)

Sneakers similar Sneakers // Socks// Luggage // Duffel bag  

Hi friends! Are you headed on a trip or Europe soon? Are you trying to figure out everything you need to bring in your carry-on? Today I am sharing the top carry-on Must Haves for your next trip!

If you are going to multiple countries, this multi-adapter (HERE) is another must have! It worked perfect on our 2 week trip through 4 different countries.

Travel size toiletry bottles (HERE). This one HERE has 24 containers for under $12. I actually used multiple bottles for my lotion, shampoo, conditioner, face serum etc.

No show socks are a must! This one has 12 pairs for under $13 HERE! I like to be cozy on my flight, so, breathable socks are my go-to. You will need socks for everyday you are in Europe unless you are going to wash clothes sometime during the top. I wore sneakers and my no show socks almost the entire European trip.

Sunglasses are always a must! These (HERE) were the designer dupe sunnies I wore on repeat.

Quest bars (HERE) are are my snack for traveling. It’s light and a filling protein bar.

Louis Vuitton dupe wallet under $20 (HERE) is the perfect piece to take on your trip. I liked taking the dupe incase I was pickpocketed (since pickpocketing is huge in Italy and France).

Neck pillow that comes with a sleep mask and ear plugs (HERE) and it’s under $23. This was used just about everyday. From plane, train to the bus rides. A must that you can hook onto your backpack.

Earbuds for the flight and if you listen to music or movies on your phone are a must. Thee (HERE) are under $10.

Clear toiletry bags (HERE) to store your travel bottles are so helpful to keep you organized while you are traveling.

Clear hair tie. I love these (HERE).

This lip mask (HERE) is a great lip conditioner for your travels.

Multiple locks (HERE) for your bags and luggage is important to prevent pickpockets.

Travel Kleenex tissues (HERE) are nice to have on hand in your purse.

You will be taking tons of pictures and videos, so a portable phone charger (HERE) or phone charger + phone case all in one is a MUST (HERE)! The phone case + phone charger all in one was my lifeline on our 2 week trip. When your phone is on 10 percent, click the button on the phone case charger and it will recharge your phone back to 100%.

Leggings are so comfy to travel in and these (HERE) are my go-to that suck it all in and these are a dupe HERE (size up one size).

Airplane mode sweater (HERE) is so cozy and the perfect piece to throw on if you get cold. I sized up to a large. A lightweight cardigan is also another easy piece to throw in your backpack to stay warm.

A good backpack (HERE) is a must when traveling abroad.

Sneakers will be the one piece you wear the majority of your trip. These Golden Goose dupes (HERE) are a great option for all the walking you will be doing.

A carryon duffel bag is a must. I put 3 days worth of mix and match clothes, underwear (HERE) and socks (HERE) in it incase my luggage got lost.

This makeup bag (HERE) carries all of my makeup and it’s under $22! It’s functional and fit perfect in my duffel bag.

I hope this helps prepare you for your next trip. Much love, Sue


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  1. Stacey
    August 16, 2019 / 7:51 pm

    Thanks for sharing these! I was wondering what I was missing for my trip to Italy. I just purchased almost all of it.

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