8 Pratical Christmas Gifts for Kids

Hi friends! I don’t know about you, but I try to start Christmas shopping early. My theory is if you start early it’s not as expensive since you’re not paying for everything all at once. I know it’s silly, but it works for me. So, my husband and I are practical when we give gifts…I mean, it’s hard for us to buy a toy that we know our kids will not even play with in week or lets be real, after a day. With that being said, these are some practical options to get your kids for Christmas. We typically let Santa bring the fun toys.

1. Money to your kids college fund. This gift gets your kids excited about their future and opens up a conversation about what they want to be when they grow up. I laminate the gift certificate every year for them to open. Along with this I let them open a Texas State tee-shirt or sweatshirt (the college my hubby and I went to) and add their graduation year to it.

2. A jewelry box is timeless and the perfect gift for almost any age. Channing got her 1st jewelry box on her 2nd birthday and she screamed…literally screamed. She loved the twirling ballerina and the music box. You can even get your kids name monogrammed on the top of the jewelry box.

3. What kid doesn’t LOVE sleeping bag…heck what am I talking about, I love sleeping bags. All my son wants to do is pretend he’s camping in his sleeping bag he got last year for Christmas. Almost daily he asks my hubby and I if he can sleep in his sleeping bag. You could do a fun superhero option or even a cute mermaid tail for a little princess.

3. Luggage is always a perfect gift for kids. You always need a good travel bag to go to grandmas house or even out of town. You can personalize the luggage or get a fun Disney theme option.

4. Keepsake bracelet for your little. My daughter has this and she’s worn it since she was born. She’s 2 now and surprisingly still can wear it. Once she outgrows it I plan to make it a keepsake for her when she gets older. Maybe something I can give her when she has kids or gets married.

5. A monogrammed chair is always a great option. Kids love their own chair and this is not only adorable, but practical. Also, can I mention that you can wash the slip cover. That’s huge for me since I’m not a fan of something that I can’t wash. We all know kids spill about every 2 seconds, so it’s nice to know that the chair will not be ruined if the kids spill something on it.

6. Oh, The Places You’ll Go book. This is not only a great book to read to your kids, but also a great keep sake you can give to your kids when they graduate high school. At the end of every year, let  your kids teacher sign the book. When you child heads to college, this would be such a sweet gift to give your kid.

7. A monogrammed stool. This would be a great gift for a toddler since they are able to brush their teeth and wash their hands, but never reach the sink.

8. We all love to promote physical activity for our kids and that’s why a bike is a perfect option. In a world full of tv and tablets, this is a great way to get your kids to enjoy playing outside.


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