Amazon Prime Day

Hey friends! Happy PRIME Day! What is PRIME Day…it’s like black Friday sales, but for Amazon. This is the perfect day to get some early Christmas shopping done (which is on my agenda). These are a few of my favorite picks.


This luggage has quickly become my favorite piece to travel in. They have so many size and color options to choose from…which this classic white is clearly my fave. I love how spacious the suitcase is and not to mention it can roll in every possible direction. After all the issues with my last suitcase, that was definitely a must on the list of things I needed in a good suitcase.


Echo Dot

My family loves the Echo Dot. We use it ALL THE TIME. We use it when we are cooking for music or to ask what ingredients are in a recipe, ask questions, to share jokes, find out what the weather is and I seriously could go on forever. I never knew that we would use the Echo Dot as much as we do. This will definitely become a quick fave for the whole family. PS Triston always plays the Spiderman theme song and the Party song (LMFAO, Party Rock).


How cute are these brushes!?! I’m a sucker for the classic white color. Every girl needs a new set of brushes and this is even the perfect thing to give as a gift.


I cannot rave about this mini vacuum enough! My hubby got this as a gift for me on Christmas. It was seriously the best gift ever!!! This vacuum will go through the house, vacuum on it’s own and then returns back to it’s docking station. It has easily saved me hours of vacuuming and time. My iRobot is programed to go off during the day, everyday. It’s like I have a built in maid. lol But seriously, this is worth every penny. I absolutely love this litte guy.


This is my go-to concealer. You’ve seen in my insta story the before and after and how it covers dark circles better than anything I’ve tried without being cakey. The coverage is amazing and since it’s $7 off the normal price, I bought 5.


If you haven’t invested in a Fitbit yet, it’s definitely the time. One of the things I love about a fitbit is that it even tracks your sleep. When Channing was a baby, it was nice to know how much sleep I actually got (which was none) on those days I was dragging and so tired. Also, I love that it motivates and tracks your steps throughout the day.


Vanity Mirror

This goes without saying. Every girl needs a good vanity mirror to put on your makeup. Lighting is everything when you are putting on your makeup. This one also comes in a tri-fold option as well.


Wet Brush

This brush is amazing! It is perfect for brushing when your hair is wet or dry and doesn’t damage the hair. Also, I am SO tender headed… so I love that it gets through all the tangles without ripping out my hair and making me want to scream. Clearly, still a kid…tender head and all.

Yoga Mat

This is a must have weather you are working out at home, the gym, the beach or wherever you need to get a workout in. I use my mat for crunches, stretching, pop pilates and even working on my push up game. Another perfect prime must have for all of you who are looking to get your fitness on, or already do.


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