Arboretum Look

Hi y’all! I went to the arboretum with my bestie and the kids today. The kids had a blast playing and honestly I can never figure out who loves going to the park or Arboretum more… me or the kids. lol The kids really enjoyed doing the kaleidoscope and playing in the kid area. I seriously laugh all the time at what a hot mess we are. While we are walking around all my bags with diapers, wipes and snacks fall out upside-down everywhere, I couldn’t even get to my destination before one kiddo needed a diaper change and then it’s already time for someone to eat. All my bestie and I did was laugh. I love this life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now onto this look. Wearing the same tee you’ve seen before paired with the best distressed jeans. These quilted leather slip-on shoes are great for walking around as we did for a few hours. The great thing about these shoes is they mold to your feel since they are made out of leather. Go half a size up on these shoes for a more comfortable feel. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Much love, Sue



Hat or Similar Hat

Jacket or Similar Jacket






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