Athleisure Wear

Hi y’all! Today is all about athleisure wear. Who doesn’t love having an outfit you lounge around the house in and then can look put together to go run errands on the fly!?! I do especially when it involves my favorite workout pants. The great thing about this athleisure wear outfit is that it can turn into a few different outfits with removing or adding certain pieces.  If I take off the jacket, I will have an outfit to workout at the gym, put the jacket on and it’s a casual outfit I can wear to the park, add a statement necklace and it’s now a perfect outfit for going out to eat with friends. I hope this gives you another idea for your wardrobe especially on the weekends when you really want to relax and lounge around you can still look and feel cute. Have a great end to your week and thanks again for your support! Much love, Sue

Jacket (Wearing Size S)
Top (Wearing Size S) or Similar Top
Pants (Pants are true to size) or similar Pants or Pants
Shoes or Shoes (Amazon Prime people)
Bar Necklace or Bar Necklace


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