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Hi friends! I couldn’t be more excited about all the festivities coming up this week. There is really nothing better than spending time with all your loved ones. Today was special since I had to run a thousand and one errands, but I got to wrap gifts with my little dude. He was SO excited to help me.   While working on our gifts he said, “Mom! Look! Santa’s List!” I mentioned it did look like Santa’s Naughty and Nice List. He then he asked to write all the presents he wants from Santa. I CAN NOT tell you how excited I was to see him write his first letter. I am definitely keeping this forever. These special moments fill my heart with so much joy.

Now onto this casual and cool look. I am seriously obsessed with hats. This is such a great  ball cap since it has such a perfect casual look without looking sloppy. The gray is the perfect color to mix and match with most outfits as well. It’s really comfortable and I love the embroidery on the front. You could wear this with all black and add your black leather jacket to go out on the town. And can I mention that this soft hooded sweater is my life right now! I couldn’t love a more cozy sweater.  I like how it’s different than most sweaters since it’s not real thick and bulky. Well, hope you like this look! Much love, Sue

Hat  (different color options) Hat or Hat

Sweater (2 color options)


Jeans or similar Jeans

Shoes or Shoe



Sunglasses or Sunglasses

Curling Iron or Curling Iron


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