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Hi y’all! I hope this post finds you happy and well. It has been such a wonderful and busy week. We celebrated my husband’s birthday and that meant the hubby and I got a date night. How many of you are thankful for some one on one time with your babe? A night out without kids pulling on your arm, or crying that they are hungry or need to be changed, I’m in! I appreciate date nights since we don’t get too many of those since having kiddos. I mean, going out to dinner with the kids just isn’t the same as that one on one time. Am I right?

So, I have to share this…the kids spent the night at their YaYa’s house. The next morning I got a pic of Channing sitting on the big girl potty! I mean, that’s a BIG DEAL! I was overwelmed with emotions of excitement about a new milestone and my heart hurting knowing my baby is already gearing up for potty training. And honestly I thought, geez potty training is a job itself, I better get ready for this commitment. I was actually surprised at the thought that my little might be ready for potty training since my son was 2 1/2 when he was actually ready to start potty training. Do y’all think an almost 2 years old is too young to start potty training? Please send me your tip or thoughts around potty training.

Now onto this flexible top. This basic tank is soft and a staple throughout the summer months. Seriously, I love this piece so much I purchased it in 3 colors (black, gray and white). The best part about this tank is that it can be worn dressed up with heels, paired with a skirt, with your athleisure wear or casual with a pair of denim jeans like I’m wearing today. I actually tied the tank in a side knot to give it some dimension. And I cannot leave out this cuff bracelet! It has the coordinates of where my husband and I got married. This piece is beyond special to me. It seriously warms my heart when I glance down and see this piece since it takes me back to a special memory.  This would be the perfect piece to give someone for their bridal shower or as a wedding gift. Enjoy your weekend! Much love, Sue

Top (wearing a S)
Coordinate Cuff


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