Beanie Babes

Happy Thursday friends!!!We have already had such an exciting week. My husband took my son to his 1st Dallas Stars Game yesterday. That little dude loves sports! When I asked him to guess his surprise, his 1st response was “football game?!?…baseball game?!? soccer game?!?” They had a blast! I love seeing my little dude experience things for the first time and his reaction. These kids really make you realize the simple things in life are truly amazing…like a roly-poly. Yes, we have sat and stared at the roly-poly and watch it roll around. Nothing I’d rather do.

Now onto our look. Channing and I kept warm today with our thick beanies. I’m definitely thankful for this thick hat since I know my girl will stay warm and I don’t have to keep running around with a blanket over her head to keep the wind off her (yes I do that). And my legging…let’s be real, any leggings are a must especially during the fall and winter months. I love that detail on them and it allows me to wear them dressy or casual. Well, enjoy the rest of your week! Much love, Sue

Sue’s Outfit

Leggings (3 color options)

Top Similar Top


Scarf similar Scarf


Earrings (7 color options wearing Platinum Drusy/Gold)

Bar Necklace


Curling Iron

Channing’s Outfit






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