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Hey y’all! It’s Wednesday! I am hiding from the sun today as I try to do on most days. I am celebrating 3 years of being FREE & CLEAR of melanoma!!! I ran in my 1st half marathon once I hit the 1 year mark to celebrate such a scary time for me and my family. 2 years, 4 surgeries and 4 repairs later, I am on the right track. Clearly, I did a lot of damage to myself with tanning, tanning beds and never wearing sunscreen. I literally thought skin cancer only could happen to fair skinned people. Since I tanned so easy I never and I mean never thought it could happen to me. I am beyond thankful to finally have graduated to once a year check ups. My dermatologist was so excited to tell me and I couldn’t hold back my tears. No one every wants to hear…we want you to be alive to see your children grow up. I mean you never even think that’s a question that you wouldn’t see them grow up. Well, I’m on the right track now and I am very cautious with my kids now. It truly has been eye opening.

My son got me a tiny box with 2 pieces of paper in it for my birthday this year. It read…I wish my mommy doesn’t ever have skin cancer again. Both pieces of paper said the same thing. lol. It literally made me get emotional and made me really appreciate every second you get in this world. Everyday is truly a gift. I encourage you to ALWAYS wear sunscreen and get checked once a year. #melanomaawareness

Ok, onto this comfy outfit. My choker is under $3 and I linked similar loafer options on sale for $44! Much love, Sue

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