Discount Day

Heeeeeeeeey! It’s discount day….I mean Fri-YAY!!! These shoes are on sale from $90 to less than $30 now!!! The top is only $30 and these jeans are on sale from $70 to $40 today!!! They are so comfy and go high up on the waist. This mommy will not complain about anything with a high waist. Let’s be real…especially after having my 2 kittens (for those of you who don’t know…I’m referring to my son Triston and daughter Channing). lol  As you can see this cardi goes with EVERYTHING. Well, enjoy your weekend! Much love, Sue 

Jeans (fits true to size)
Cardi or Cardi
Shoes similar  shoes
Bar Necklace

Sunglasses similar sunglasses
Curling iron


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