Feelin’ My Inner 90’s

Hi y’all! You know those days you don’t want to get dressed up because your heading to the gym  or the park? Well, that’s today. I’m loving this soft sweatshirt. I’m totally feeling my inner 90’s and I’m loving every second of it. If you need a new pair of shoes, these Adidas originals are a must! Whether you are in cutoff shorts, leather leggings (like today) or even a dress…they go with E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Well, hope you like this look! Much love, Sue

Sweater (Wearing Size S) or Sweater or Sweater
Shoes (true to size) Shoes or Shoes
Hat or Hat
Leggings Similar Leggings
Watch or Watch (Amazon Prime)


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