Great Athleisure Wear Looks Including Maternity Options

Hi y’all! I hope this post finds you well! I love athleisure wear for so many reasons…it’s comfy, perfect for running errands, bring a soccer mom, going to the park and the most obvious option which is working out. This is typically my go-to workout gear. These pants have zippers on my thigh to hold my phone and a few small things that I typically run in. This zip up jacket has thumb holes and even a built in mini mitten…which is nice when it gets cold. This tank is not just any tank…it is the best tank I’ve ever worked out in. This specific tank holds in ALL of my sweat when I workout. I used to be so grossed out when I worked out because I would sweat so bad (and I still do). The nice thing about these clothes is that I can’t feel all the sweat when I’m active. For those of you who don’t sweat…just know how lucky you are.

I wanted to share the cutest athleisure wear I found for those of you who are getting back into working out or thought about maybe trying it out again. Some of the items listed are ON SALE and I listed maternity options for those of you expecting. I worked out up until the day I had Triston and I was always trying to find athleisure wear and COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING. I hope this helps all you mama’s out there who struggle to find athleisure wear. I have to say, it’s so much easier working out when your clothes are cute! Am I right?!?

Lululemon SALE



Old Navy




I thought I would mention an app I use when I’m out of town or working out at my house. I love Pilates and I use a free app called DailyWorkoutApp. It gives you the option to do a 5 minute, 8 minute or 10 minute workout and you can focus on abs, your arms, butt, cardio, leg or full body. I usually try to at least get at least 20 minutes in, but hey…I’m a mom and I sometimes can only get in 10 minutes while the kiddos are crawling all over me. Do what works, right!?! Thanks again for your support. I wouldn’t be here without you! Much love, Sue


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