Hi y’all! I wanted to share my favorite curling iron since quite a few of you have reached out asking about the one I use. I have been using the wand listed below for 5 years now and I haven’t looked back since. The thing I love most about this curling iron besides the lose curls that stay all day long is that it keeps my hair curled up to 3 days.  That is crucial for a mom with limited time. Of course I have to touch it up certain pieces that look crazy after sleeping on it, but it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes max.

How to use:

Step 1 Turn the curling iron to the highest setting.

Step 2 Part your hair into 2 sections (a bottom and top section). Start with the bottom section of your hair. Wrap a section of hair around the wand and leave it for 15-25 seconds. (it doesn’t have to be a small section.)

Step 3 Let go of the section of hair around the wand and move onto another section of hair to wrap around the wand.

Step 4 Once you finish the bottom section, move onto the top section.

Step 5 Lightly brush out your hair and you’re done. (I sometime tease the back of my hair to add more volume.)

Click on the link for the wand:
The Wand (Size 32mm) cheaper one.
The Wand (for Amazon Prime people)

Jeans (ON SALE for $40) or Jeans
Top or Top (Cheaper version & ON SALE)
Jacket or Jacket

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Much love, Sue


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