Another leather leggings option

Hi y’all! So…after 13 months, I FINALLY dropped my last nursing/ pumping session. I was ready to be done with nursing since week 1….fast forward 13 months later (407 days to be exact) and I had the hardest time letting it go. How does that happen? I thought a party, drinks, anything was on the agenda when I stopped and then I struggled to let it go. I guess realizing this might be my last baby has been emotional for me. Channing’s basically at that toddler stage now and it’s so fun seeing her learn new words and things daily. She literally was trying to crawl up the stairs last week. I thought I did a good job baby proofing the house…she let me know I didn’t. lol…Well, cheers to a new milestone and this mama throwing away that pumping machine that has stuck to me like white on rice ALL YEAR LONG. Well, I hope you like another option to wear your leather leggings! Much love, Sue

Top similar top or top
Chambray top
Leather Leggings
Choker or Choker
Necklace or Necklace
Hunter boots similar Hunter boots
Sunglasses similar Sunglasses
Ring or Ring

Flashback to a year ago today. GO COWBOYS 8-1!


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