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Hi y’all! I hope y’all had the best thanksgiving! Today you can find me casual and comfy…let’s be real…on any given day you can find me on casual street. I LIVE in this sweater, pants and these moccasins. These pants are also my workout pants. I love the way these pants feel on not to mention they hold in EVERYTHING including my love handles and little pouch from having kiddos. I’ll take anything that makes me feel good and looks good. And did I mention the sweater and these moccasins are SOOOOOO soft. I accidently ran to the store to get some whole milk for Channing and realized I was wearing my slippers today. Oh well, they look like shoes so they work. Much love, Sue

Sweater (2 color options, Wearing M)
Running Leggings or Leggings (Fits true to size. Wearing Size 8)
Moccasins (Wearing half a size up)


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