How To Get Your Eyelashes To Grow

Hi y’all! I hope this post finds you well. Since I had an overwhelming number of people reach out to me asking about what mascara I use from my Insta-story, I thought I’d share my experience with my favorite mascara & my experience on getting my eyelashes to grow.

I wanted to start off by sharing that I used to get eyelash extensions. When I got pregnant with Channing, I felt so big and gross and the extensions somehow made me feel prettier. I absolutely loved not having to wear mascara and the fullness the extensions give your eyelashes. The extensions had a perfect way of making you feel beautiful even when you’re not wearing makeup. Well, fast forward to the day I delivered Channing…from that moment on, I didn’t have the time nor the money to pay to get my eyelashes filled. I’m sharing a pic that’s really embarrassing, but I will always keep it as a reminder why I will never get eyelash extensions again. As you can see, I have like 2 eyelashes on one side and the rest were little spikes. I was shocked how bad they were. I figured I would just have to suck it up and let them grow on their own. At that point I started researching how to get eyelashes grow fast. I was excited when I found 2 options and this is my review of both.

1. Latisse-I used this and it truly is the best and works! It’s about $120, but not over the counter. You have to get a prescription for it, but it does work. I actually used this once a night and they really grew and look thicker. This bottle lasted about a year since I got to a point of using it 4 out of 7 days instead of 7 days a week. It helped it last longer and still worked on 4 days a week.

2. Rapid Lash-This option is very affordable at a price of $40 and you don’t need a prescription for it. It really works. I used it once a night as well and it continued to have the long length! I really can’t stress enough how much I love this product especially for the price. Also, a plus is that you don’t need a prescription for this option.

Latisse & Rapid Lash took a couple months to have a noticeable difference. Honestly, I didn’t expected them to actually work, so I didn’t document the exact time it took when I realized my eyelashes were longer than normal. I think it was about the 3 month mark I noticed they were dramatically longer and people were asking me if I have eyelash extensions in. I truly believe these two products are basically the same and give the same results. I 100% loved them both and I will continue using Rapid Lash since it’s the cheaper option.

Now onto my mascara. I have tried all the drug store mascaras, Younique and now I’ve finally landed on this mascara. Not only does this mascara give you volume, but it doesn’t flake off throughout the day as I’ve experienced with Younique and Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl & L’Oreal mascaras. You don’t have to worry about clumpy eyelashes with this product either. Also, the curved wand helps my eyelashes curl up since my eyelashes tend to go straight. Once I finish putting on my mascara they almost look like false eyelashes. I LOVE this product and my eyelashes do too. I hope this post was helpful. Much love, Sue


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