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It’s the weekend! How many of you are already tired before the weekend even starts!?!? Well, I sure am…especially with soccer, birthdays and even a Halloween party already on the agenda. I try to get a workout in before all the crazy starts. It’s funny how you can dread working out or even getting to the gym, but you feel like you hit the lottery after you leave…ok maybe not the lottery, but pretty close. On days when I can’t fit a workout in I try to do Pop Pilates in my backyard. I have HGTV on and my phone app on Pilates (the app is called Daily Workouts FREE Personal Trainer App). I wanted to share the half marathon workout plan I used incase any of y’all are considering a half. It’s hard, time consuming and takes dedication, but totally worth it in the end. It was a bucket list thing for me. My first half marathon was a celebration of making it 1 full year free and clear of melanoma.

These are my favorite things to workout in. This jacket is not only functional, but actually hugs a woman’s body in all the right places. And you see me all the time in these workout leggings. I love that you can reverse them and wear them again. I almost feel like they are 2 pairs of workout pants for the price of one! Well, enjoy your weekend! Much love, Sue

Top (3 color options)
Pants or Pants or Pants
Bar Necklace


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  1. hi lady
    August 21, 2017 / 6:33 am

    Wow! nice!!!best fitness tracker

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