Planning Out My Day

Hi y’all! Do you find yourself struggling to find enough time in the day to get the cooking, cleaning, work, sports, bath time, the kids fed, working out and getting just a moment to yourself? That was my life today, but these NIKE shoes were speaking to me…JUST DO IT. So, I got in a quick 10 minute workout. The great thing about this is after my son saw my yoga mat and my workout equipment out, he asked to workout with me. We are going to try to workout together tomorrow.  I usually go to my workout class at the gym, but depending on time and the weather I will run or do Pilates at my house.

I noticed since having kids that I plan everything out daily. As a mom and wife, we have so many things on our plate that we have to get done each day and that isn’t even counting everything your hubby does to help out. I literally plan around my work day and the remainder of the day I try to plan out how I can get everything in from dinner, working out, some cleaning even if it’s just the dishes and on sports days for my son, I might not get a workout in and I’m ok with that. Don’t get me wrong, some days I realize I will have to put a chore aside and try to it the following day. Isn’t it funny on days your have the most to do you can somehow get the most done. Something I started doing that has helped me is cooking my lunches Sunday evening and putting them in tupperware for each day of the week. (That helps me not eat out everyday). 

Now onto these shoes… they are so comfy that I literally have these in now in 4 colors. These have been my favorite running shoes as well as to wear with jeans and a tee or leather jacket. I love on the heel it says NIKE running. These have breathable mesh which I definitely notice when I run. Also, how fun are these laces!? One big thing for me is also the arch support which doesn’t matter to me walking around, but is HUGE when I run. PS these shoes are ON SALE for $55 + free shipping! Much love, Sue

Shoes or Shoes  (Fits true to size)
Pants or similar Pants  (Fits true to size)
Top  (Fits true to size)
Jacket (Fits true to size)
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