Restyle A Piece

Happy Friday Eve y’all! Sharing a little casual look for the work week. A loose tee paired with over the knee boots can definitely make a regular tee look more dressy. Not to mention adding my favorite leather choker. It’s the same choker you’ve seen before, but instead of wrapping it around my neck and letting it hang down to my chest, I wrapped it a few times around my neck and then tied it in the back.

 I’m a mom and I’m on a budget, so I’m always looking for ways to save myself some money. So, finding ways I can make multiple outfits with certain pieces, helps me save money by alleviating the need to buy 3 different pieces that can only make 1 outfit.When I purchase a piece I am always thinking how many ways I can style it. I mean, if you purchase a piece, it’s nice to know you don’t have to purchase 2 other pieces to make 2 different looks. How many of you have a shirt and pair it with the same jacket or pants every time? Next time you wear that shirt be thinking of a way to make a new look…weather that be pairing it with a jacket, adding a big statement necklace or layering it with another piece. I hope this info was helpful. Much love, Sue

Similar Camo or Camo or Camo or Camo or Camo
Blazer (wearing XS)
Boots similar Boots (Flats)
Bar Necklace
Hat or Hat (cheaper version)
Sunglasses or Sunglasses
Curling Iron


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