Run for fun

I enjoy working out. I always have. There is seriously something I feel that if I make enough time for even a 10 minute run or workout, I feel better personally and it makes me feel like a better mom to my little kittens since I’m usually on cloud 9 after a workout. Those endorphins really are amazing.  

Since I sweat SOOOOOOO bad when I run, I wear these items when I work out. I’ve tried NIKE’s, target running clothes and even Adidas running pants. These have really been my best option since the hold in my sweat. I am not one for spending money on workout clothes. I really never wanted to, but when I realized I can not only wear them working out, but feeling cute while I run errand, go to soccer practice or lounging around the house, I was sold. But back to working out…these shorts, leggings, long sleeve tops, tank tops I wear are so comfortable and are so functional. Also, the sports bra I wear…I literally have like 20 of them (unfortunately I’m not joking). I guess when you find something that’s comfortable and also holds all your sweat it’s a win win. Much love Sue

Shorts similar shorts
Sports bra


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