Shorts Season

Hi y’all! Shorts season is here and in full force. It caught me off guard since I realized I was so florescent when I put on a tank and shorts last week. Thankful for my self tanner to help me look sun-kissed even though I have been hiding in the shade for years. And can I mention that I feel 10 pounds lighter after I get my self tanner on. Seriously, self tanner sure has it’s perks…cheaper than a spray tan, the actual can last for almost a year, I look like I lost weight (even though I didn’t) and somehow makes you look more defined. Now if I could only cover up the bruises I have from tripping over toy mania at my house. lol Anyway back to these shorts…I’M OBSESSED! The hem is lower on the bottom area which I love since I’m not trying to show anything off. The rolled cuff on the sides makes these shorts look so feminine. These are definitely a must have piece for the next 2 seasons. Also, I used this lace bra under this top to give it more dimension. This top is the perfect flowy, top. It’s a high/low hem which is perfect for not looking too oversized. The front hem hits exactly where your shorts hit for a more slimming look. Well, put your sunnies on and enjoy the next few months! Much love, Sue

My Favorite Shorts Picks

Lace bra
Shorts (free shipping) Shorts
Shoes or Shoes
Long Necklace
Short Necklace
Self Tanner


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