Snow Bunnies

Hi Y’all! I seriously cannot believe it finally snowed here in Dallas! My son has been wishing for it since Christmas. Triston was just waiting to jump out of the car and play in it. So, we all bundled up and played for a few minutes (literally). I was so excited since it was Channing’s 1st snow. Such a special moment and she really didn’t know what to think other than she was ready to go back in the house. Triston kept eating the snow and then asked if he could go inside and us surprise him with a snowman. lol Clearly, he couldn’t take the cold either.

When it’s this cold it’s all about the layers. I like layers and to feel comfy too as I did in this outfit. This is yet another option to wear your Adidas original sweatshirt. Channing and I are in our matching Hunters and they have all the way down to walker size (which is her size). And we can’t forget to softest vest. I love the neutral color that can go with most outfits and functionally it will keep me warm. I linked all out outfit detail below! Much love, Sue

Sue’s Outfit

Vest (Wearing Size M, 2 color options) or similar Vest
Sweater or Sweater
Hooded Sweater
Rainboots or Rainboots (Go half a size down)
Hat (2 color options)
Bar Necklace

Channing’s Outfit

Vest or Similar Vest
Long Sleeve Top or Similar Top
Boots (She’s in Walker Size)
Similar Hat or Hat

Triston’s Outfit

Hat or Hat


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