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Hi y’all! I hope this post finds you happy and well! I wanted to give y’all a quick update since June has definitely been a whirlwind. I mean a lot has been going on from almost all of my families birthdays, waiting on my son to lose his first two teeth (yes, there are 2 loose now), a trip to Idaho, taking the kids to their 1st Rough Rider’s game, hosting my son’s end of year soccer party and even Channing finally getting to experience all the fun toddlers get to have at an amusement park. Oh, and how can I forget, Channing learned the word “NO”. So, when she doesn’t want to do something (like wake up in the morning…trust me this girl likes her sleep), it’s NO. I seriously try not to laugh, but there have been numerous times I have to turn around and bust out laughing. I’m sure it will not be as funny as she gets older, but right now it really cracks me up on the daily.

Now onto this comfy and gorgeous dress! I seriously fell in love the moment I saw it. This flowy dress has the most beautiful embroidery detail. I cannot emphasize enough how comfy it is. When you can wear a dress to a birthday party, the store and even the park…it’s a winner in my book! I actually hid Channing’s diapers and wipes in the bag. If you’re looking for the perfect summer dress for the beach, park, on a resort, a baby shower or even to Costco…you’ve found it! Much love, Sue


Dress (Wearing size S)
Bralette Similar Bralette


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