The Best Products of 2018

The Best Products of 2018

Hi y’all! This could possible be my fave post yet! Today I’m sharing YOUR favorite top 15 products from 2018. Stay tuned for the #1 purchased item…I wonder if you will be just as surprised as I was!!!



15. Free People bralette -sized down to a small (normally a medium)

Free People bralette

This bralette adds a simple detail to a basic outfit. It comes in multiple colors and is personally one of my favorite purchases that I had to snag it in multiple colors. Similar option HERE & HERE!

14. AG Jeans -wearing 29 (my normal size)

 AG Jeans

These jeans clearly speak for themselves. The fit is unmatched & these will last (I’ve had mine for 4 years now…I also hand dry all my jeans). And speaking of the quality, these jeans are SO comfortable and as you have seen throughout 2018, they continue to be on repeat. Similar options is HERE!


13. Sandal -sized half a size up


This sandal is surprisingly comfortable. For spring & summer, these are a perfect staple to run errands and everyday wear. These are similar options HERE & HERE!


12. Suede Moto Jacket -wearing a medium (my normal size)

 Suede Moto Jacket

This Suede Moto Jacket is a staple! What makes this piece so perfect is that you can wear it year round. This is a similar option HERE!

11. Utility Jacket-sized down to a small (normally a medium)

Utility Jacket

This jacket is a staple and is a piece that can be worn year round. This is the lightweight jacket I’m also sharing from the Nordstrom Sale this utility jacket in the camo option HERE!

10. Microderm MD Home Microderm System

Microderm MD Home Microderm System

This Microderm MD is the gift that keeps on giving! You only have to use it twice a week and within 90 days will see results. I personally noticed results after my 2nd use from this device. A typical microdermabrasion at a spa is between $75-$150 (so this system basically pays for itself within a week & a half…like I said…the gift that keeps giving!) This system helps reduce large pores, smooth the texture of your skin, helps with fine lines & wrinkles, reduce sunspots, helps with acne and so much more. My experience over the past year and a half, the Microderm MD helped get rid of the acne between my eyes, reduce my large pores by my nose and on my cheeks & smooth out the texture of my skin. Also, this system takes less than 5 minutes and is so user friendly! I’m a mom, so anything that typically takes over 5 minutes makes it a challenge to continue using it on a regular basis, so, luckily this is quick & easy to use. Also, there is an auto button (which I use everytime I do my face) that tells you exactly where to use the diamond tip on your face… it changes the suction for different parts of your face, neck & chest. This hands down has was the best investment I made in myself.

9. Gucci Dupe Belt

Gucci Dupe Belt

I was not surprised when I saw this Gucci Dupe Belt was in the top 10. I would love to real Gucci belt, however, I personally will not spend that on just a belt, but, I would on a handbag. I loved this belt so much, I snagged it in the brown color as well. This piece is the perfect staple to add to your wardrobe to complete any outfit. This is the actual Gucci belt HERE.


8. Denim Bandit Jean Shorts -fits TTS, wear 29 (my normal size)

Denim Bandit Jean Shorts

These shorts are SO flattering & can be dressed up or down. These come in multiple colors and will be a spring & summer staple. These nice thing about the shorts is that they can be worn dressed up. These are a few colors options I also have HERE, HERE & HERE!


7. Thermal Henley Top -fits TTS, wear medium (my normal size)

Thermal Henley Top

This top is is sold out, but these are similar tops HERE(under $20), HERE ($39.99) & HERE (under $25 & almost identical)!

6. V-Neck Pullover -fits TTS, wear medium (my normal size)

V-Neck Pullover

This top is currently sold out, but these are similar tops HERE (on sale right now for $15.60), HERE & HERE!


5. Mural Oversized Blazer– sized down to a small (normally a medium)

Mural Oversized Blazer

This blazer is currently on sale for under $30! It comes in multiple colors and pull a basic outfit into something a little more interesting. These are similar options HERE ($40) & HERE (under $30)!

4. Scoop Neck Tee -sized up to a large for an oversized fit (normally a medium)

Scoop Neck Tee

This flexible tee comes in multiple colors and prints and is perfect for layering. This is a staple you need in your closet. I actually snagged this tee in every color option  since it’s currently on sale for under $8. These are similar options to the tee HERE ($10) & HERE!


3. Button Neck Fleece Pullover -sized up to a large for an oversized fit (normally a medium)

 Button Neck Fleece Pullover

I was not surprised when I saw this pullover in the top 3. This fleece pullover is SO cozy and lined on the inside as well. It is only $26.99 and comes in multiple colors. This is 100% a fall & winter staple!


2. Leopard Print Long Sleeve Cardigan– sized up to a large (normally a medium)

Leopard Print Long Sleeve Cardigan

There is a reason this long sleeve leopard cardi is #2!!! It is SO good and trendy. This is perfect to layer and even wear with shorts in the spring. This cardi comes in multiple color options too. These are 2 similar options HERE & HERE!

1.Star Rug

Star Rug

The #1 most purchased item is the dupe rug that is in my blog room. This is the actual rug in my blog room HERE and this is another similar affordable option HERE.


And that completes the top 15! I’d love to hear what your fave item was from 2018. Leave a message and let me know! Much love, Sue



  1. Ashley
    January 4, 2019 / 5:40 pm

    The free people bralette is my favorite and I might have purchased it in several colors. LOVE!

  2. Jennifer
    January 4, 2019 / 6:06 pm

    Love that fleece pullover!

    • January 6, 2019 / 2:50 pm

      So happy to hear you love it! It sure is the coziest!

  3. Trish
    January 6, 2019 / 9:14 am

    That long sleeve camo shirt looks amazing! I need it in my life rn

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