Workout Wednesday: Ab Edition

Hi y’all! I’m excited to share my new series called Workout Wednesday!!! I’m looking forward to working-out with y’all every Wednesday especially since so many of y’all said you loved my ‘Workout Wednesdays’ that I share on my insta stories. I will have the exercises located on the blog for you to refer back to on days you are unable to make it to the gym. Hope you enjoy this workout! Much love, Sue

1st exercise 30 seconds on each side

Exercise 1, opposite side

Exercise 2: 30 seconds on each side

Exercise 2, opposite side

Exercise 3:  1 minute

Exercise 4: 30 seconds on each side

Exercise 4, opposite side

Exercise 5, 1 minute

Exercise 6, 1 minute

Exercise 7, 1 minute

Exercise 8, 1 minute

Exercise 9, 1 minute

Exercise 10, 1 minute

Exercise 11, 1 minute

Exercise 12,  30 seconds on each side

Exercise 12,  opposite side

Exercise 13, LAST ONE!

WAY TO GO!!! You did it!



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